The Perfect Entrepreneurial Attitude According to Science

There’s a saying out there that entrepreneurs aren’t made, they’re born.

I don’t believe that.

I think being an entrepreneur is something anyone can learn how to do.

But you need to have a core set of abilities and the right mindset first.

Did you know that by simply being optimistic, you’re more likely to succeed as an entrepreneur?

The University of Oklahoma’s 2016 study found that during stressful economic times, entrepreneurs rely more on optimism and the advice of other entrepreneurs when it comes to business decisions, instead of actual market data.

Those “gut feeling” decisions can pay off. Intuitive decisions can be effective up to 90% of the time.

I was lucky growing up. My mom started her own daycare business, and I grew up watching her grow it into a profitable enterprise.

You can’t buy that kind of firsthand experience.

But you can teach yourself to think like an entrepreneur and get the basic skills you need before jumping into starting your own business.

But don’t just take my word for it!

These are the characteristics you need to create the perfect entrepreneurial attitude, according to scientific research.

Develop the right behaviors

Harvard Business School studied the behavior of entrepreneurs and compared it to that of non-entrepreneurs.

They identified 11 key skills and behaviors that are relevant to both entrepreneurs and employees. The study measured how well each group performed those skills and behaviors.

I was surprised by the results!

Entrepreneurs ranked significantly higher in several areas.

However, there was no difference in how they motivated a team, made decisions, collaborated with others, managed operations, or how well they did in sales.

he research shows the main difference between entrepreneurs and employees has to do with attitude, not hard skills.

Entrepreneurs dislike established structure. They’re great at networking, have a big vision, and the most important behavior of all: They’re comfortable with uncertainty.

Entrepreneurs live in a world of uncertainty.

You have to pave your own way, fund your own product, and figure out how to pay the bills when a client pays late — or doesn’t pay at all.

It’s risky, unpredictable, and as an entrepreneur would describe it: fun.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “That doesn’t sound like fun!”, then entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

Harvard’s study proves that anyone can become an entrepreneur. You just need to focus on behaving like an entrepreneur if you want to be one.

Learn how to be resilient

Resilience is a key trait of successful entrepreneurs.

Resilience is defined as adapting well to adversity and stress in both personal and professional situations.

It means brushing off discouragement and pushing through the hard times. When you’re an entrepreneur, there are a lot of hard times.

Resilience is often studied by scientists looking to uncover why some people bounce back from tragedy and trauma, while others don’t.

The results from a thirty-two-year study, first published in 1989 but relevant today, showed that a key component of being resilient is believing you have control over your own situation.

You can learn to be resilient in a number of ways, but being self-aware is crucial.

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